A thing that took shape by a moment of chance

Don't go against the shape created by nature, trust your intuition.

Like a piece of jewelry created by nature



ESTHER is a girl's name with the meaning of "star" or "attract".

A star shining brightly in the night sky, to make a wish or to deliver a thought

The jewelry you wear every day can be seen as a star.

Reminds you of your determination and wishes every time you look at your jewelry

To be a support, a talisman, and a healing presence


The moon has the power to attract good luck.

When there is no moon, the stars shine strongly in its place.


May your days be brighter with the jewelry you are attracted to

I hope your wishes will be attracted to each other.




About Designer


Ever since I was a child, I have loved to look at the moon and stars, and I have always been aware of the phases of the moon.

After graduating from the Department of Fashion, she worked as a dress coordinator in the bridal wardrobe industry, styling nearly 1,000 men and women, and later worked in a department related to branding and products, where she was involved in a wide range of tasks including product planning, purchasing, and PR.

I was surprised at the freedom and breadth of design at the various jewelry brand exhibitions I visited in New York, and every time I saw my favorite diamond ring when I was busy with work, it soothed me and supported me to do my best.
Suddenly, she decided that she wanted to make jewelry that would support her in her daily life, so she moved to Tokyo to learn metal engraving from scratch, and after a change from her glamorous job, she went to an atelier to learn the basics of metal engraving.

Fashion jewelry with a sense of individuality, created from scratch with inspiration in mind.

I am fascinated by diamonds, one of the crystals created by nature, and I have been creating fine jewelry and bridal jewelry by requesting craftsmen with many years of experience to create high-quality diamonds.
I am a color analyst, and I have the knowledge of how to dress for bridal occasions and TPO, styling skills, and the stimulation and sensitivity I received in various countries overseas when I was a buyer.