Personal Jewelry


One-of-a-kind jewelry in the world.
「Personal  Jewelry」

At Esther, we refer to custom-made jewelry and remakes as 'personal jewelry.'

We have a heartfelt desire to create custom-made jewelry tailored to each individual, starting from scratch.

Leveraging the expertise of a color analyst, we not only propose designs but also consider aspects such as size and materials that suit the individual's personal color. This ability to offer personalized recommendations is one of Esther's strengths and something we hold dear.

By wearing jewelry filled with your own emotions and thoughts, we hope to make your everyday life shine even brighter through our creations.


The designer leverages their experience as a bridal dress coordinator, styling over a thousand men and women, and their expertise and sense acquired from their time as a buyer, encountering items from around the world. They create personalized jewelry just for you, considering your personal color palette, even in classic items for formal events, parties, and everyday wear, aiming to make them tasteful, 'your own,' and reflecting your unique style


We also offer design modifications for jewelry inherited from your parents or any jewelry you wish to change the design of. We can work with the stones from your cherished jewelry to create design arrangements, as well as offer options for men's jewelry and other items to the best of our ability.


+diamond(color gemstone)price

remake :¥110,000〜
*We will deduct the purchase price of the original material.
*Additional charges will apply if you wish to add stones.

How to order

We will listen to your desired design, preferences, and budget.
*If you contact us through our LINE account, we will listen to your preferences. We can proceed with meetings in person, via Zoom, through social media, or email – whichever you prefer. If you are unable to use LINE, please contact us through the 'Contact' option

We will propose several designs at a later date.
If you are satisfied with them, we will then provide you with a formal estimate, and upon your approval, we will proceed with production
After follow


◻︎新品仕上げ  [有料]
◻︎サイズ直し  [購入後2度目以降有料]
◻︎石取れ   [石の有無、デザインや程度により要相談]
◻︎リフォーム   [有料]

Please contact us via LINE account or Contact.