Remake Jewelry 〈Legacy jewelry〉


Jewelry inherited from parents, jewelry that I want to change the design without using now, etc.
Design arrangement using stones and parts of jewelry of memories is possible

By changing to a design that can be used everyday and expresses your own
To make your life shine.:*




















〈Renovation of the ring〉

リメイクジュエリー 立て爪指輪リメイクジュエリー 立て爪アフター

〈Renovation of the ring〉

リメイクジュエリー 指輪ビフォアリメイクジュエリー アフター指輪

〈The renovation of jewelry from my grandmother〉

リメイクジュエリー ビフォアリメイクジュエリー アフター

〈Renovation of the ring you didn't use〉

リメイクジュエリー ビフォアリメイクジュエリー アフター

〈When I was a kid, I made an undiscarded accessory〉

リメイクジュエリー ビフォアリメイクジュエリー アフター



Customer's voice




You can use an engagement ring that you didn't use.

I thought I 'd like to remake an engagement ring with a false nail that I didn't use, I found ESTHER jewelry where I was looking for it, and I asked because I liked the atmosphere.
It has been reborn into a new design with other not used jewelry!



Change the shape ring to your favorite design

I changed the ring of my mother's appearance, which I only had, to my favorite design, and I was able to feel closer to my mother by everyday. I am reborn in a cute ring and feel the feelings of my mother are also felt.






My favorite design from my grandmother who liked jewelry

The jewelry inherited from my grandmother was reborn into my own design, and I was delighted with the reborn jewelry. It has become something important as a form now.





Flow of use

Step.1 Contact Us

Contact form at the bottom of the page Message from      

Send messages such as consultations and worrisome  




Step.2 Consultation/item confirmation

Order wishes and item confirmation, exchange of questions, etc.

We ask questions, questions, questions, wishes, etc.
We will check the jewelry you want to remake with photos
Ask for your wishes and design proposal
* If you have a budget, it is also possible to ask in advance and make suggestions considering the budget


Step.3 Design suggestions

Design proposal from the contents

We will suggest the design of several patterns


Step.4 Confirm in-kind

Detail details such as dimensions and take care of the jewelry you want to remake

We will check the actual size, bullion, etc.



Step.5  Re-suggestion/Quotation

Detail Detail, Quotation

Detailed determination, such as the dimensions of the design you liked
Adjust the design you are interested in from the proposal and the one that is close to your favorite atmosphere and propose the design again
We will give you a quotation when you confirm the details of the design, size, etc.



Step.6  Payment/Order Confirm

Deposit for Order Confirmation After Design and Quotation

After confirming the design and quotations, we will issue the invoice again
Your payment will be a formal order

* No cancellation after payment is completed
* Payment method: Bank transfer/credit payment


Step.7 Fabrication

Made after Confirmation of Deposit

Production has started, and we anticipate it will take approximately 2 months to complete.

Step 8: Completion/Delivery Upon completion, please confirm and we will deliver.

Once it is completed, we will send you photos for your confirmation. If there are no issues, we will proceed with the deli


PRICE〈Reference price〉

Remake Price: 110,000 yen and up (including tax).

  • We will deduct the purchase price of the original materials.

  • Additional fees apply for adding stones.

  • Price may vary depending on the design and volume (weight)."




■ Can the entire process be completed online?

A: Yes, it can be completed through messaging and exchanging photos only. Depending on your preferences, we can also arrange to meet via Zoom or in person if you are in the Tokyo area. While the method of consultation may vary depending on the details of your order, we primarily offer online assistance.

■ Is it possible to discuss the budget in advance if I have one?

A: We initially inquire about your budget and then provide design proposals within the range we can offer, so please rest assured.

■ I'm not sure about materials and such, how should I choose?

A: We will recommend materials based on your budget and purpose, and we will explain the differences in materials to help you make a choice.

■ I'm unsure if the design style matches my taste.

A: We can provide proposals with a wide range of styles, but since compatibility is also a factor, we would like to exchange messages and assess the atmosphere. Sharing your preferences, likes, and images early on will make it easier for us to make proposals.

■ How long does it take until delivery?

A: As a guideline, we suggest around 1.5 months, but in some cases, it may take up to 2 months due to intricate designs or other factors like seasons. If you have specific delivery date preferences,please consult with us in advance.

Designer's Vision

At Esther, we call custom-made jewelry and remakes "Personal Jewelry." Our desire is to create custom-made jewelry tailored to each individual from scratch. Leveraging the knowledge of a color analyst, we consider each person's personal color while making proposals. Rather than just suggesting a design, we take into account factors like the right size and materials that suit the individual. This personalized approach is one of Esther's strengths and something we cherish. We create jewelry filled with your unique feelings, hoping to make your everyday life shine even brighter.